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What is TASP? A Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) is a free six-week educational experience for high school juniors that offers challenges and rewards rarely encountered in secondary school or even college. Guy Maddin, CM OM (born February 28, ) is a Canadian screenwriter, director, author, cinematographer, and film editor of both features and short films, as well as an installation artist, from Winnipeg, most distinctive quality is his penchant for recreating the look and style of silent or early-sound-era films.

Since completing his first film inMaddin has become one of. Greg Mortenson, the bestselling author of Three Cups of Tea, is a man who has built a global reputation as a selfless humanitarian and children’s crusader, and he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace, as Jon Krakauer demonstrates in this extensively researched and penetrating book, he is not all that he appears to be.

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Top Summer Programs For High School Students In An increasing number of selective colleges are beginning to scrutinize how applicants spend their summers during high school.

Telluride Film Festival, presented by the National Film Preserve, today announced its official program selections for the 45th edition of the Telluride Film Festival. We are proud to announce our Guest Director, Jonathan Lethem. The award-winning novelist, essayist and short story writer is set to select a series of films to present at the 45th Telluride Film Festival running over Labor Day Weekend, August 31 - September 3,

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