Negative impact of creatine to health

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Is Creatine Safe, and Does it Have Side Effects?

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Negative Effects of Protein Supplements

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Yet despite its research-backed benefits, some people avoid creatine because they're afraid that it is bad for health. Negative Side effects and Warnings of Creatine. Creatine is not healthy if used long term.

Creatine may reduce blood sugar levels. Warning is recommended in diabetes patients or hypoglycemia, as well as in those using medicines, herbs, or health supplements that affect blood sugar levels. Creatine is an organic acid that helps to supply energy to cells, particularly to muscle cells.

People use it to improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass, but the potential benefits of creatine as a health supplement are vast. We explore evidence behind these uses, side effects, interactions, and more. Taken appropriately and consistently, creatine can be one of the most effective supplements for increasing lean body mass and improving body composition, strength, and high-intensity performance.[1,2] Yet myths and misinformation about safety.

Researchers still aren't sure what effects it might have on the body, particularly in young people, or how effective it might be. What Is Creatine?

Creatine is a natural substance that. Creatine reduces fatigue by transporting extra energy into your cells, says Ari Levy, M.D., who works with patients at the Program for Personalized Health and Prevention at the University of.

Negative impact of creatine to health
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