Individual case studies in primary health care

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Universal health care

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Case Studies

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China has a three-tiered health care delivery system, with community health centers (CHCs) at the bottom, secondary hospitals in the middle, and tertiary hospitals at the top [ 47, 48 ].

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Worthwhile research is never easy, but the case study is probably better suited to the logistical constraints of primary health care than most other methodologies. The field is wide open. GPs may yet prove themselves to be the ultimate exponents of the difficult but fascinating craft of.

Background. Oral cancer is a potentially fatal disease, especially when diagnosed in advanced stages. In Brazil, the primary health care (PHC) system is responsible for promoting oral health.

Mental Health Case Studies Case Study # 1 M is a 32 year old man who was referred to our service by the Assertive Outreach Team.

He was living with his girlfriend but the relationship was breaking down and. Study subjects. Tibro is a rural community in Sweden with 11, inhabitants and with only one primary health care centre (HCC) during the study period.

Individual case studies in primary health care
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